Mapzen Community Panel

Hi there,

I’m part of the CloudMade team who is creating Mapzen – a new online map editing tool designed to make OpenStreetMap mapping fun and easy. We’re looking for OpenStreetMappers of all abilities and experience levels to take part in hands-on testing sessions. This is a great opportunity for you to get a sneak preview of an exciting new map editor and influence the way the tool will work in the future.

We’re particularly interested to talk to mappers who have used the exisitng OSM editors but found them difficult or confusing to use. If you’ve tried mapping before but have found the whole thing a bit too confusing, we’d like to hear from you – in fact we’d like to invite you to join the Mapzen Community Panel and help us make mapping as fun and easy as possible.

WeÂ’ll be running preview testing sessions in London and Menlo Park, CA, over the next few weeks. To find out more and to apply to take part in the testing sessions, take a look here:

Thanks & hope to see you during a testing session soon

Mapzen –