MapwithAI Images on josm

while using MapwithAI on JOSM the AI imagery only downloads once. After uploading some buildings (max 100), the AI imagery disappears. upon redownloading, they do not appear again. Help please

It looks like there is something going on server side.
For example, a query for data in the -119.6589661,36.3423694,-119.6260929,36.359997 bounding box returns only roads, while a query for the smaller -119.6420413,36.3490148,-119.6342468,36.3528385 bounding box returns buildings as well as roads.

The MapWithAI data should not be disappearing after upload.

Another possibility is that you are adding buildings from the MapWithAI layer, which automatically switches you to the OSM data layer. If this is the case, you can go back to the MapWithAI layer by selecting it in the Layer List toggle dialog.