Mapupdates at zoomlevels below 13?

For this large landuse=reservoir (Pantano del Rumblar):

there was a mistake in the multipolygon that forms this reservoir, leading to not rendering the reservoir at all on the standard map.
Surprising was the fact that this error had no influence on the rendering in any of the other layers (cycle, transport, humanitarian, mapquest), as they all showed the reservoir on the map in all zoom levels down to 8.
I corrected the multipolygon for the reservoir (10 days ago) and it seems to be ok now, but when I zoom out to level 12 and below, the reservoir disappears from the map!
(Of course I tried with different browsers, different computers, tablets and the like, but I don’t see that reservoir at zoomlevels below 13)

Is the map for this smaller zoomlevels less frequently updated?

The definitive answer on that is I think: