Mapsource more suitable with older devices than Basecamp?

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On the Dutch OpenFietsMap site, the Garmin tool Mapsource is said to be more appropriate for use with older Garmin devices than the tool Basecamp, even though Basecamp has more functionality (here). Basecamp is said to be more appropriate for use with newer Garmin devices (like Etrex 10/20/30, Montana, GPSmap62, Oregon x50/6x0 series).

It is said that Mapsource is more appropriate for use with older devices to be because of the routing profiles. However, the site does not say why.

I have an older device (Oregon 400) and I think I like Basecamp better. Can anybody tell me why Mapsource is more appropriate?

Thanks for the hint Evert. This text was based on older versions of OFM and Basecamp which had routing problems.
Recently those issues have been solved, so this is not accurate anymore. Since Garmin doesnt support Mapsource anymore I will remove those lines.

Only for older pc’s Mapsource is still recommended because it doesn’t need so much processing power and still runs under Windows XP.