mapsource crashing when routing over a certain submap


I already posted in the openmtmaps “comments”, but maybe someone here can help me.

I try to plan a route Enschede->Rotterdam->Venlo using openmtbmaps nethelands.
Every time I make a route close to Rotterdam, I get this error while doing the autorouting calculation in mapsource:

Error Code: 1

It seems to me (also I am not 100% sure), that problems arise when routing over the borders of map 64210002. ItÂ’s the one right to Rotterdam.

I use mapsource 6.15.6

Is there somehing I can do about this?


I wonder, does openMTB map support routing accross different tiles at all? Not every splitting program (osmcut, osmosis) is able to provide the necessary information needed to do proper inter-tile routing. Only the Splitter tool can do that, but it requires a lot of RAM to be able to do it.

Oh, now I noticed it. Routing is completely broken in that tile. I have not clue why.

Otherwise currently we still have the problem that mkgmap can’t produce maps where you leave a tile and go back into it. This will also lead to a crash.

I have not yet seen such a behaviour anywhere before, but the netherlands is quite a special case in OSM due to the imports.