Mapsource can't upload map to GPS


I took my town’s map from OSM and did all the steps of converting it to something that was readable by Mapsource (used Mkgmap to convert and Mapset Toolkit to install). It went perfectly smooth. No problems at all.

The problem, however, is that the map can’t be downloaded, because there is “no map selected”. I think this is because the map is not split into regions that can be selected with the map tool and then downloaded into the GPS.

I tried using the mkgmap splitter tool, but the map is so small that it basically doesn’t change anything.

Any ideas on how I should proceed?

Stupid question: have you selected the map areas you want to send to your device? You need to use the “Map Tool” in the buttons at the top of MapSource and select the area you want to send. If you haven’t split anything, then there should just be the one area available to select. I don’t think there’s a requirement to split the input file if it isn’t necessary.

There is simply nothing to select. It doesn’t select at all. Sorry for not making that clear.

Why don’t you use the --gmapsupp parameter in mkgmap to create a mapset for the gps?