Maps with markers and short notes

Hi all!

I just registered as a new member of this forum. I have not worked in the OSM-projekt before.

Maybe somebody knows the answer to my question.

I would like to generate a map showing the postions (markers as small as possible) of coordinates, which are available in a common file format (csv, gpx or kml).
Next to the position the name (max. 7 letters) should be shown to all the positions without any further interactions (like the names of cities on a paper map).

I would appreciate very much, if somebody could provide a hint to a tutorial, where I could learn and read into the matter.

Thanks a lot.

Ingrid is a simple way for non-programmers to create such a map. I’m not sur though that you can show a fixed text.
Otherwise you have to create your own map using e.g. OpenLayers ( or Leaflet (, both are JavaScript libraries. Both have a lot of documentation and examples.

Propably you’re looking for something like this, there’s a plugin for Leaflet to use CSV-Files here.

Thanks. Have been looking at those Tools. But as fare as I understand, they do not provide to show the text related to the points. I am not a programmer - so I really would need a tool on a realtively high level.


eventuell ist da was dabei:

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or have a look at , ,

Danke - soweit ich das verstehe, ist keine Problemlösung dabei (keine permanente Anzeige bzw. Kode, den ich nicht beherrsche).
Was ich brauche ist, wie Google Earth eine KML-Datei anzeigt. Leider lässt Google Earth aber einzelne Marker und deren Namen verschwinden/verblassen, wenn nicht genug gezoomt wird. Und Speicherung geht schon gar nicht.

Thanks - to my understandig, these all do not solve my problem (no permanent indikation of the name of the point and coding, which I am not able to do).
What I need, is an equivalent to the way, Google Earth presents the data of a kml-file. But markers and their names fade in GE, if not zoomed enough and GE does not allow to save the map.



poste bitte mal ein csv-beispiel, welches du anzeigen willst, und was meinst du mit speicherung?

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Will ja allgemeion nicht so doll meckern, aber:

vielleicht ins deutsche Unterforum hier wechseln, oder für alle anderen Muttersprachler bei *Englisch *bleiben …

EN: gave hint about german sub forum.

The data are available as a simple text-file “longitude, latitude, text” like:



If possible (but a screenshot would also help) the generated map should be saved in a common format (e. g. any image-file)

What do I need it for?

I have two files of some thousands locations which are named IAW a certain system.
These two files must be combined and the location-numbering of the second file must matched to the numbers of the first file.

The system is, e. g., that the location numbers of the first file follow the rule increasing from west to east and from North to south, but not all numbers are used. E. g. A1, A5, A12, A 21, B100, B130…
A position of the second file, which geographical position is somewhere between A12 and A21 and now has the number K4711 should get the number maybe A17 to fit in between A12 and A21.

If I could produce a map showing the numers of the locations of file 1 at their appropiate position e. g. in red and those of the file 2 e. g. in blue, would save days or even weeks to do the job.

I also have been looking for plotting software (working without the map even better than without any tool), but also could not find any software easely allowing to plot x/y- data other than just some marker (no text).

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what about trying ?

Hi all!

Thanks for all your help.

Made it.

After some further searching the net, I hit the “GPSVisualizer”. It does exactly, what I was looking for. OSM maps are one of the options. Easy to use, comfortable user interface.
Alternatively Googles new “My maps” also does the job. Both are a great help.


Welcome to OSM!! :smiley: