maps not a valid mapsource file? help needed for newbie

I have mapsource (v.6.14) on Windows. Trying to load maps of Indonesia in a Garmin GPS.
I downloaded a few zip files and the mapsource installer, provided. I cannot seem to get this
to work with MapSource. I run the installer, a folder is created at C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM World Routable
but I can’t see any maps. In mapsource, in the Product pull-down imenu in the upper left,
I can see the product “OSM World Routable” but there are no maps in there. If I try to “open”
one of the *.img files I am told they are not valid mapsource files. OK, what am I doing wrong…
What am I missing?

When you move your cursor over the mapsource screen (with osm routable selected) you can see at the bottom of the mapscreen the location of the cursor, is that the right location?
If not, you have to “move” the map, or zoom out.
Maybe than you see the osm map.

You can’t open .img files in mapsource, on that you do nothing wrong.

Thanks. OK…I can see roads and places. Install is OK.
I wish the map had more data. But this is very helpful.

No one will hold you back to add more data.
What region are you talking about?