edit and usually no respone | 編輯與無回應 | 編輯佮無回應

One of the recent made edit added two trailheads used the wrong tag. And I leave a comment but have not received a response yet. Does anyone have a similar experience?

最近的 編輯加了兩個登山口,但用錯標籤。我先留編輯評論,但目前仍未有回應。大家面對 編輯有類似的經驗嗎?

最近的 編輯加添兩个𬦰山口,毋過用毋著的標籤。我先來留編輯評論,目前是猶未有回應。逐家拄著 編輯敢有類似的經驗? mappers almost never respond