Maps locked after Mapinstall

Hi, I received the France map a couple of months ago. I didn’t install it on my miniSD because I don’t have enough space on it. Today I tried to put a part of the map using Mapinstall on my memorycard.
I had a new .img file on my card. But when I switched on my Garmin, it said that the map was locked.
How can I resolve this?
I have a Germany .gmap installed and working in Basecamp and also tried to make a partial map with Mapinstall, and it was also locked.

I really wouldn’t know, sorry. Hopefully some of the more experienced Mac users can chime in?

Try downloading a new France map and install it on an empty card.

You probably created an img which contains some tiles form locked map, for example your Germany map. This will work only on GPS for which commercial map was unlocked.