Maps go where again?

I use Ubuntu and have a Garmin Nuvi 350. Earlier today I did download my state (ma) and it worked great as it loaded on my sd card. Sadly one file was deleted and now I have just highways. I have gmapsupp.img built from what I selected as file in a folder called garmin on the sd card. I’m not sure what else should be there

On the unit in the garmin folder itself I have some files of a .goutputstream. I think my gmapprom file was deleted somehow. I still have gmapbmap file.

I don’t know if a file is out of place or just the wrong name. It is a old unit but if I can get a solution of what goes where I would gratefully appreciate it. Thank your time.

OSM Maps should go to folder GARMIN on the SD card as “gmapsupp.img”.

Then in the map-menu you can select / activate / de-activate the OSM map
vs. the Garmin Map.

On my Nuvi 250 I see following original garmin files in folder GARMIN in the
device internal memory:

<DIR>          Diag
<DIR>          gpx
<DIR>          Help
<DIR>          Poi
<DIR>          RemoteSW
<DIR>          scrn
<DIR>          Text
<DIR>          Voice
<DIR>          Vehicle

1.333.067.776 gmapprom.img
    6.762.496 gmapbmap.img
       20.403 GarminDevice.xml
            4 gmapbmap.sum
            4 gmapprom.sum
    6.092.548 GUPDATE.GCD
        4.150 nuvi_drive.ico


When it loaded it initially I saw the OSM bit on the bottom when it booted. Map info is actually greyed out. I cannot select it. I did have a hard reset before this. I can plug it into the pc and see the files but for some reason it also states that they are read only. I’ve used another pc to get a tad around it.

Actually I have it working now.:smiley: It might not have all the points but I can still zoom in and out to get the POI’s more to scale. It is nice to see GPS material that I can use with Linux. What would be the best software to customize the maps?