Maps for Navitel


I am new to openstreetmap. I have download map of Afghanistan in .osm format and now I want to use it in Navitel in my N8.
I have already download “osm2mp” but I don’t know how to use it.

Any one to help with details.


Did you read and all linked wiki articles?

Yes, I have read all the articles in above link. But there isn’t any detailed instruction on how to convert .osm to .mp.
There is something like file.osm >, so what are the option? where to type this code?

you need to use gpsmapedit to convert the .mp file to navitel format .nm2

navitel can also read the garmin .img file

I need to know how to convert .osm to .mp.
And also I have checked garmin .img file but it doesn’t work in Navitel. I putted the “gmapsupp.img” in Map folder of Navitel but didn’t work.

i would forget about the .osm file

directly open the .img file in gpsmapedit and save it as .mp

then use gpsmapedit the make the .nm2 file.

you may need a bit of tinkering in gpsmapedit to create the .nm2 file.

I get an error when I export the map to Navitel 3.2.6 .nm2 file.

Exporting map to file ‘C:\Users****\Downloads\Afghanistan.nm2’…
WARNING: There are two nodes at the same position (N34°25.209’ E69°11.793’).
NOTE: you may use menu item ‘Tools | Verify Map…’ to locate all possible problems in the map.

ERROR: Export has failed.

And when I use “Verify Map” option it becomes with more than 2000 problems.

sent you a message in openstreetmap inbox

Hello, I also get:
WARNING: There are two nodes at the same position (…
Could you tel me too the way to go?

I guess that in map really there are a lot og duplicates ways and nodes. Try to find them and fix.