MapRoulette Monthly meetings

Just like last year, we will have monthly #MapRoulette community Zoom meetings on the first Tuesday of every month. I posted the events for the first six months on OSMCal. The meetings are free and open to all to attend.


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The Weekly OSM newsletter sources its event list from OSMCal, so I think it is probably the best way to advertise your events to the OSM community.

OSMCal has useful RSS and calendar feeds as well so you can keep up with events in your country. For example for the United States: Subscribe to Events – OpenStreetMap Calendar

On MapRoulette Monthly Community Meeting | OpenStreetMap Calendar it says 20:00 UTC, but on MapRoulette Monthly Community Meeting - HackMD it’s 19:00 UTC. Can you correct one or the other?

Thanks for pointing that out @hfs!

It is in fact 20:00 UTC (1pm US Mountain Time). I have changed it in the HackMD doc.

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I had to postpone this month’s community meeting one week (to Feb 14).

I updated the OSMCal event link.

Apologies for the inconvenience.