MapRoulette for OpenHistoricalMap?

Any possibilities of a future version of MapRoulette enabling users to edit, validate data on the OpenHistoricalMap server versus OSM?

I would like to create a custom cooperative challenge for the US Post Office historical locations to allow users to review and update the random coordinate-assigned locations that did not match up with GNIS features- making changes within OpenHistoricalMap vs OSM.

Hi @Skunkman56!
What you would need to do is to deploy your own version of MapRoulette that interacts with the OpenHistoricalMap API instead of the OSM one. can only talk to the API.
It’s not super hard to do for someone with some docker and system administration knowledge: GitHub - maproulette/maproulette2-docker: Deployment through docker for MapRoulette.
Perhaps you can convince the OHM folks to help out with it?

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Not an IT professional, not something I will take on. Tasking Manager is already available for OHM, so that’s an option using background imagery like rectified historical maps. The availability of GIS data of historical features though that need refinement- thats a new one though and would be good to have MapRoulette .
I wonder since with a custom challenge and a user-uploaded OSM changeset file to MapRoulette, when you use the option to edit a feature in JOSM - just have JOSM open already and set to the OHM server instead, send the changeset to that server instead? Hmmm… Might try that out with one of my existing challenges and see if that would work.

I agree that this would be nice. There are plenty of import sources that would require individual attention on each feature.