MapRoulette challenges in Malaysia

Anyone know how to get JOSM remote control going with Maproulette? My JOSM works with, but not with maproulette’s website. Came up with error message “Don’t recognize command” or something… Already accepted certificate at port 8112.

iD is okay, but I can get so much more done with JOSM.

Hmm, you could try filing a bug here

I kinda find a workaround to this. Noticed that there is a gps coordinate listed on the task on maproulette page, so I just copied that and download the surrounding area using josm. Easiest would be to use the Add node feature, then download the area surrounding it.

Still have to pseudo edit the maproulette page, so as to get the “I fixed it” button to show. For this i just click edit in iD, but closes the tab as soon as it loads. I proceed editing in josm, and uploading once I am done (usually after finishing more that one task).

On Xubuntu / Firefox / Java (from Oracle). Working as intended.

Hello all, I recently updated the MapRoulette challenges for Malaysia. I hope they are useful/fun!

Crossing roads:
Impossible routing areas:
Floating & disconnected ways:
Road connectivity check:
Invalid turn restrictions:
Roundabout check:
Sharp road angles:
Road link check:


Hello again, we recently ran a new batch with newer OSM data. Here they are. Let me know if you have any questions!

Malaysia Building-Road Intersections:
Malaysia Floating Ways & Disconnected Roads:
Malaysia Invalid Turn Restrictions:
Malaysia Malformed Roundabouts:
Malaysia Overlapping Lines:
Malaysia Sink Islands & Impossible Routing:

Somebody gonna have agonizing fun with this one (not me!). There is one particular mapper that did this for almost every major intersection that I had encountered, and JOSM always flagged it. I did the ‘needful’ sometimes. :smiley:

Ah, good to know! Do you have an example of the incorrect mapping?

One for your pleasure

Hi all, I’ve added all the MapRoulette challenges I posted to a project that I’ll keep up to date. Here’s the link:

I also added a new challenge, mapping unmapped towns. It uses Pascal Neis’s data to find places that are mapped as towns but don’t have any roads. It’s pretty fun!

Hi everyone, I updated the data again so it should be nice and fresh. As usual the challenges are all in this project:

Hi everyone,

I updated all the MapRoulette challenges for the road network with new data, so you can find all the latest challenges here:

In addition, the Apple team recently created a JOSM paint style that is aimed at making mapping easier and finding errors quickly. It has lots of built in checks for geometry and tagging problems for roads and other features, and I think would be helpful for validation as well as regular mapping. Here is more info on how to use it:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Does Apple has its own validation rules? What are those, if any?

Hi Kucai, we have various checks from our Atlas tool: . The checks are listed here:

If there are any other ones that sound interesting or useful let me know and I can run them as MapRoulette challenges too.

Hi everyone, I updated the challenges with new OSM data again, they are posted here:

Hi everybody, it’s been about a year so I updated the challenges again:

Specifically the updated checks are Floating Ways / Disconnected Roads, Crossing Roads, Connectivity Check, Sharp Angle Road and Overlapping Ways. Thanks!

No updates on unmapped areas? That challenge contains only Sabah & Sarawak tasks.

Hi sabre23ts, the unmapped places data is from this site, and I think he updates it once a year: you could reach out to him about it.

Hi everyone, I updated the challenges again with new OSM road data -

Hi Andrew, I have sent a DM to you in openstreetmap messaging. Please have a look when you are available. Looking forward to your reply.