MapRoulette challenges for improving Albania roads

Hello everyone,

This is Andrew from the Apple Maps team. I wanted to let everyone know that we just updated the MapRoulette challenges related to road network issues in Albania with new OSM data.

You can find the challenges in this MapRoulette project: and they include things like roads that cross but aren’t connected, roads that aren’t connected to anything, overlapping roads, and other similar issues. I plan to work on some of them myself too.

If you haven’t used it before, MapRoulette lets you go through potential issues in OSM data one by one and either correct them or indicate they are not a problem. The challenges were created with our Atlas data analysis tool:

If you aren’t sure what challenge to try, crossing roads are probably the easiest but they should all be fairly straightforward.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback. Thank you!

Hello all, I updated the challenges with new data from OSM recently. Thanks!

Hi everyone, I have updated them again with new OSM data.

Specifically the updated challenges are

Overlapping Ways
Crossing Roads
Connectivity Check
Floating Ways / Disconnected Roads