MapRoulette challenges for Belarus

Hi again,

This is Andrew from Apple’s Maps team. We did some mapping on road issues a while ago in Belarus ( and recently used our Atlas data analysis tool ( to look for a few types of potential issues, such as roads with sharp angles, overlapping roads, and buildings that intersect roads. I posted the results of those checks on MapRoulette, a tool that lets you go through potential issues one by one and either correct them or indicate they are not a problem. I wanted to let you know they are available in case others wanted to try fixing some of them — I also plan to go through some of them myself.

In MapRoulette you can either pick a random task to fix or click on a specific one. If you want to do tasks around a certain location, such as somewhere you are familiar with, you can click “more options” then “load tasks by proximity.”

The checks are:

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

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Thanks Andrew!
With MapRoulette disliking WebKit, could you confirm whether you ran Atlas over the whole of Belarus
(Also quite jealous of your up to date DG imagery…)

Hi 4004, yes, we ran it for the whole country. Can you tell me more about the WebKit issue?

Hi everyone,

I recently refreshed all the MapRoulette challenges for Belarus and put them all in this project. I’ll keep it up to date as new ones get posted. Thanks!

The challenges are things like overlapping roads, roads that are close to but not connected to other roads, road names that have spelling issues, roads that cross but don’t connect, and other related things. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.



Прывітанне ўсім,

Нядаўна я абнавіў усе праблемы MapRoulette для Беларусі і паклаў іх на гэты праект. Я буду пастаўляць яго ў актуальным стане, бо новыя паведамленні будуць размешчаны. Дзякуй!

Праблемамі з’яўляюцца такія рэчы, як перакрыццё дарог, дарогі, блізкія да іншых дарог, але не звязаныя з імі, назвы дарог, якія маюць арфаграфічныя праблемы, дарогі, якія перасякаюць, але не злучаюцца, і іншыя рэчы. Паглядзіце і паведаміце мне, калі ў вас ёсць якія-небудзь пытанні.


Hello again, I just updated the challenges with new data from OSM: - thanks!