MapRoulette Challenge - New Zealand (Connect Isolated Highways)

Hello New Zealand community,

My name is Salim Baidoun, and I’m the global community and partnerships manager for TomTom. I’m reaching out to you today to announce a new challenge that consists of 77 tasks for the whole country (New Zealand - Connect Isolated Highways We have conducted a spatial analysis internally to identify potential issues with the OSM map that we hope will be of interest and value to you.

You can find more information on New Zealand GitHub page: New Zealand | Data Improvements · Issue #4 · tomtom-international/open-data · GitHub and under MapRoulette challenge description that may help you resolve the tasks.

Depending on what we find out and if you are interested in the tasks, we may refill the challenge. In case of any questions, remarks, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email, or by commenting on GitHub or leaving a MapRoulette comment.

Wishing you a wonderful time and happy editing!

Salim A. Baidoun / Community & Partnerships - Global / Community Engagement