Mapping with arcgis

i found out that osm doesn’t have the name of the road in my small town so, by using the data from the Regione Piemonte BDTRE2016 (lincesed under CC C25BY.pdf )
i made a shapefile with 300 road name and relative OSMID, corresponding to the downloaded osm map. the problem is now i can’t add the name in the original osm_ln, can someone guide me?

That link is presumably .

The licence seems to be CC-by 2.5 - I’d be surprised if that was compatible with OpenStreetMap’s ODBL licence (I’d suggest that you check with someone more familiar with licence terms than me).

However - is the entire road missing, or just the name? If just the name, why not just update OSM with the name (that presumably you know from local knowledge)? You’ll need to wait until the OSM database is writeable (it’s currently read-only during a rare server move).

Seems that the licenses are not compatible.!topic/osm-fork/GSyxnEUeOQk