Mapping University Faculties and Departments

A University building contains multiple schools/faculties/departments. There are planned to be tagged a node for each faculty. What tags should be added for each faculty? I have thought of:

  • name (of the faculty)
  • operator (the university)
  • department/faculty=* (topic of study)

Validation software is unhappy with this approach, and map renders do not show the nodes. Is this a problem with my choice of tags, or with the software?

For me, a university is a large “company” and not a physical object that one can map. In my city we map faculties and departments with “amenity=university” because universities are spread in the city and have many buildings.

For example:
name=Faculty of something
operator=University of OpenStreetMap

What software do you mean? Every feature in OSM has to have a main tag. Tagging like
won’t render in any application or map because there is no main tag.

It is not clear what are faculty= and department= keys for and what should they have as a value.