Mapping underground buildings

I am trying to find a valid way to map this building so that the underground part does not show up in 2D rendering (e.g. Mapnik) but only the roof construction (glass to allow light in).

It should also have accurate 3D tagging, although obviously it will only show the roof construction above ground level.

Could someone who is knowledgeable about 3D tagging have a look at the two objects and the relation and advise?



Hello Frank,
could You provide more pictures?
I don´t like Google. :wink:

Hello, Marek.
You’ll find some pictures of the structure at the following (Dutch-language) architectural site:
(Unfortunately the English site does not seem to have a translation).
Click on the thumbnails for the internal views.
The external colour picture is taken facing east (towards the older building designed by Rietveld).

( don’t dislike Google; though I might not always trust them.)

Also here:
And scroll down to the one on the righthand side captioned “Subsurface building”

With the exception of the roof construction (glass in window panes) the entire structure is underground.
It is linked to the main building with a broad underground walkway.