Mapping Transmission Infrastructure

I am from India, Maharashtra State. Recently 400kV Kumbhargaon S/S commissioned near Nanded (GPS Cordinate 19.020761, 77.407724). But neither its transmission line nor the S/S is visible on OpenStreetMap. Whether it is possible for me to add these things on OpenStreetMap, How ?

Hi Vasekar,

do you know the route of the power line? If yes, you can add it with power=line and voltage=400000

For everybody: Here is Nanded substation on OSM

Yes what ever called Nanded Sub-Station is already there along with associated lines. But i am speaking about 400kV Nanded i.e. near Kumbhargaon S/S whose GPS cordinates are already given as 19.020761, 77.407724. This S/S is visible from every imagery web site like Google Map, Bing Map etc, but not available on OpenStreetMap and now i want to map lines associated with this sub-station. How to this is a problem for me.