Mapping trail colours

I would like to add info on marked hiking trails (e.g. colour=green), at least in my area (Carmel).
I have added some “colour” tags to trails I have walked lately.

Would it be legal to take my printed maps - מפות סימון שבילים - and add the corresponding “colour” tags to ways already present in OpenStreetMap?
Would it be legal - or desirable at all - to add ways to OpenStreetMap using my printed maps as the source of information?

If you have walked these trails and saw how they are marked, it’s perfectly legal to tag the colors accordingly.
Although there is no way anyone can know you did that - I"m not sure about the legality of consulting the printed maps.
In any case, never trace trails from printed maps - that’s definitely illegal and, worse yet, inaccurate.

Taking information from one source and using it in another form is a “derived work”, and would be considered a copyright infringement in most cases.

On the other hand, there is no copyright protection on facts. If you walked a trail and there was a trail mark - it’s a fact that can be safely put into OSM. By the way, the same goes for the position of an object as taken by a GPS or from an satellite image.

The OSM organization is very sensitive to rights. When the user terms have changed in the past, the organization has deleted past contributions of users who did not accept the new terms.

To avoid the risk of copyright infringements and damage to OSM I suggest you do not consult any copyrighted maps.