Mapping Speed Limits and Signs

Can anyone help me and let me know if I’m mapping speed limits correctly.

Basically, what I’m doing is splitting the road so that I can add different speed limits sections to it, I’m hoping this is the correct way of doing it. In JOSM I do the following

  1. Select or add a node on the road where the speed limit changes, and then choose split way.
  2. Tag the new section of the road with maxspeed=limit
  3. Add new standalone nodes to both sides of the road with the appropriate road-signs, e.g. 50 km/h, End of 50km/h

Is this the correct/recommended way of doing it?

Yes, that seems to be the correct. It might help if you link to an example of a speed limit you have mapped?

I think the most important part is tagging the maxspeed on the road. This is useful for a map, or routing etc.
You don’t have to map the individual road signs. But you can do that if you want.

Don’t forget to add the source:maxspeed= tag, you can read more about it here. For instance, if the speed limit is shown on a road sign, like in your example, you should tag this section of a road with source:maxspeed=sign.

Thanks, I’ve done it along this road “Łąkowa”. I’ve also added speed bumps, and a stop sign. The road signs don’t seem to show up on the map anyway, so not worth the extra effort of doing them if they’re not used.