Mapping path from PDF to OSM

in Germany there’s discussion and protest about building new power lines going on. The construction company unfortunately only published the course as PDFs. Thus most people can’t imagine how close the power line will cross their towns.

Do you know a save way to map a path in a PDF / SVG to OSM? I thought about approaches from camera calibration where you map known points. But i am afraid the error rate will be too high.

The base of the PDF map is GeoBasis-DE. These are the maps:
Higher resolution:

Any help is appreciated.


Do you know the PicLayer-PlugIn for JOSM? It should work for it.
But what is about the license of the data?

Thanks for the hint. This could be one solution. The licensing would be a problem when displaying the original image.

Thus i thought about overlaying the vector shapes from the PDF / SVG. Therefore i would have to calibrate them, too.

Maybe i could add and calibrate an image of the map. Then take a large screenshot and calibrate the vector shape to it. Pick the points of the edges and the bounding box and add it as vector layer to OSM.

Mitch, why is licensing no issue if you use them for mapping? Please see Legal FAQ entry “Can I trace data from …”.

It seems that does the job for images, too. I’ll rectify a bitmap of the path and then try to warp the vector graphic.

@aseerel4c26: I’ll add the route of the powerline only as a layer via Javascript.

@Mitch… ah. Ehm, yes, please say that clearer next time. In your title you say “PDF to OSM”!