Mapping Party Online in Bolivia

Hello everybody

We working on a participative cartography project in rural areas in Bolivia, where we are using OSM technology. We work in the municipallity of Totora in the department of Cochabamba

We are part of the Politechincal University of Madrid (SP) and we work in rural comunities wiht the bolivian farmers to create cartography.

This farmers has been three weeks recording tracks and waypoints of their rural comunities and on the On sunday 22th at 10.00AM GTM -6 (15PM UK; 16 PM - Central Europe) we are handling a meetinng with the bolivian farmers in the municipality of Totora.

We plan to broadcast live this event throught this web page and upload the tracks created by the farmers.

So if you have some spare time on Sunday afternoon and want to colaborate on the online edition of the maps or just enjoy the presentation of the preliminary results of the first participative cartography project in’ll be really really welcome.

The event will be held in Spanish and Quechua but we will try to subtitle in english live.

You can find more information by next hours in the blog of the project and tomorow on the broadcast a live chat will be available so you also can participate on the event.

Any questions or suggestions can also be directed to the project mail


Hello everybody

As many of you could chack yesterday we could not broadcast the mapping party. Unfortunately web conexions in Bolivia are like this, one day everything is working fine and for next we cound not even connect to our blog (or here) to announce that we cannot do the emision.

We sincerelly apologize for all the inconveniences.

About the mapping party everything whent really weel, Bolivian farmers has made a really good job, and now we have plenty of track files to edit.

Thank you very much.