Mapping party in Moutier, 09/03/13

After the SOSM AGM and lunch (see we intend to head out and map a bit. Even if you are not a SOSM member please feel free to join us for the “informal” part of the day. I suspect we will spend 2-3 hours mapping in the afternoon and then meet again, but we can agree on details in Moutier.

The region around Moutier got more aerial imagery coverage by bing early this year (before the city was more or less split down the middle) which is clearly noticeable if you look at the valley north-east from the city. I’ve done a first pass at adding some of the roads outside of Moutier itself (, but if somebody feels like adding more detail (houses, paths etc) please be my guest. It will make it easier to add on-the-ground data on Saturday.


Street name completeness is not particularly good in the area:

Moutier    40%

Eschert	    0%

Belprahon   0%

Grandval    0%

Crémines    7%

Corcelles   0%

Court       0%

It would be nice if we could get some of these over 90% (without turning this in to actual work). Corcelles is 7km away, so if anybody wants to help with some of the other places on the list, some kind of transport (bicycle, car, public transport) may be a good idea.

Hope to see a number of you on Saturday.