Mapping our common heritasges from abandoned mines, abandonerd wastes

I, and quite a few researchers in social sciences, are planning about mapping wastes that are abandoned and thus become common heritages to all since theu are nobody’s.

Here is a brief about what I think to as tools presently:
OpenStreetMap (using “notes” but abjects being more visual and searchable should be developped / made available. Would “Leaflet” be the tool for that ?). These “notes” will include links to details.
Steering forum : Framateam
Main soucefor documents and links : Zotero ( … bads_wills )
Main source for images Wikimedia Commons ( example : )
Any suggestion or even questions. Anything can help.

OpenStreetMap notes are not meant for such mapping projects. They are meant to indicate missing or incorrect data in OSM. Objects that will eventually be added to or changed in the OpenStreetMap database.

If the features that you want to map are permanent present, you should try to find a tagging schema and add them to the OpenStreetMap database. You can then use e.g. Overpass to retrieve the data and visualize it with e.g. Leaflet or umap.

Otherwise, you should keep a little database (this can be a file) of those objects and display them on top of a map rendered from OSM data. You could use e.g. to display your data. You can also develop your own application with Leaflet.