Mapping of Parking Spots for Disabled Persons in Public Space

In Germany there are often Special reserve parking spots at the street side in cities.

E.g. parking:lane:parallel=on_street is allowed, but there are certain spots on the street side marked for disabled parking only.

Since it could be useful to map these for disabled people, to make them easier to find, is there any agreed upon or common way to do so?

Thanks, Jan_0711

Hi Jan,
there are no (at my knowledge) an agreed unique tagging system for this.
Anyway, to map single parking spaces, there’s the tag amenity=parking_space (

To identify parking spaces designed specifically for disabled people (where only disabled people are allowed to park), I’ve used amenity=parking_space + dissabled=designated. It is simple and (to me) clear.

In this issue in the OsmAnd app repository you can find mentioned a collection of other different ways to do it:


Wiki knows:
amenity=parking + capacity:disabled=1 or
amenity=parking + parking_space=disabled


amenity=parking_space + parking_space=disabled


The Parking lane page on the wiki mentions

Hi R0bst3r,

Yes, but this is about the whole parking area, not the specific single parking spaces.

This seems to me not addressing the fact that the parking space allows access only to disabled persons (where instead disabled=designated is for that).

Not much has changed since I asked this 3.5 years ago:

In general I map each disabled parking space individually using amenity=parking_space, as I don’t thing amenity=parking works very well on its own. In Spain they are painted blue and scattered throughout most towns.