Mapping of museum grounds and custom map symbols

Greetings from Kristiansand, Norway! I work for the Kristiansand Kanonmuseum: , doing multimedia/web/volunteer developement. I would like use OpenStreetMap to plot out the POI’s on the grounds of the Kanonmuseum.

My question is whether it is possible to use other map symbols to plot POI’s. Other than “Museum”, “Ruins”, “Castle”, etc… Specifically, I would like to a custom symbol for “Bunker” and another for “Gun Emplacement”.

Thanks in advance,

Vic Phillipson

The icon pack that comes with Mapnik isn’t complete ofcourse, so if you have a suitable icon for such POI’s then you can send the Mapnik developers a patch. But you must know that the map shown on doesn’t show every available POI on purpose. For your specific needs it might be better to setup a server yourself or use e.g. Kosmos as a renderer.

Thanks for the information. This must be why my test POI’s are not appearing. I guess that why this is “OpenStreetMap” and not “OpenTourist Information”.

What is the Kosmos render? Where is that available?

The osm front page is a combination of show case for our data and at the same time present a pleasant map. Putting every POI we have on the map would make it too crowded. It is impossible to make one map that suits everyone’s needs.

The name OpenStreetMap does not cover the contents of the database very well anymore. The main focus for many contributors is still adding ways but in places where streets have been mapped 100% a lot of other information is being mapped as well.

Kosmos is an application that can render images and is not a slippy map like the the one on If you go to the wiki and enter kosmos into the search field you will be lead to the Kosmos project page.