Mapping multiple benches


I recently started mapping for OSM and I am unsure about how to map some features. For example, given the following benches with waste baskets:

Image of two benches and a waste basket in between
Image of two benches and a waste basket in between

Should each bench and the waste basket be mapped as separate nodes?
Should it be one bench with double the capacity?
Should there be a separate node for the waste basket, or should the bench nodes be tagged with waste=trash?
Something completely different? How would you map these?

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I would map them as one node per bench, and a separate node for the trash bin. That’s easy to understand and matches the situation on the ground. And there are automatic approaches (such as clustering) which renderers can use to keep maps less cluttered if that’s a concern.

But then I’m into 3D rendering, so I like having a high level of detail to work with. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I’ll map them separately then as that was also my tendency :slight_smile: