Mapping locks on chanals

I’d like to add locks to chanals (waterway=chanal) so they become visible on maps. How do I add a lock so it’s fix conected with the chanal?

Besides how are locks rendered on maps? Is there an icon or an SVG for locks?


That would be waterway=canal, no h. See and

Thanks. Besides what’s the difference between a “lock” and a “single lockgate”? And how are they rendered?


I’ve been doing some work on canals . The correct way (I believe,) for a lock is to add a node to the canal and mark it “waterway=lock” this will render as a spot in mapnik and as a chevron (>) in osmarender. In my opinion single lockgate should not be used unless there is only one set of gates. (Never come across that.)


To make sure that the chevrons point the correct way, make sure the flow direction of the canal is correct.

Someone else already added this “single lockgate”, I’m using just “lock”. See

Yet locks where only rendered on rather small zoom level, I’d like to see them much larger level as well. And sometimes they aren’t visble because of other objects or even text.

How do I specify the flow direction of canals? And what if they change on the top point.


Using Potlatch, the web interface, there is an arrow at bottom left of the edit window. If you highlight the way (canal) you wish to edit, this arrow will indicate direction of flow and clicking on it will change it. At the top level, you could split the section into two and have two different flows away from the centre. If you get the flow directions wrong, it will cause the arrows to point the wrong way in osmarender and if the flows contradict each other the arrows point sidewayd.

After reading the advice of some senior member here regarding locks, I have changes instances of single lockgate to canal=lock. I found many locks marked as two sets of single gates and have changed those.