Mapping Local Theme Path

I’m part of a team that creates 7 information boards about the life of King David with 2 paths joining those boards in our and some neighboring villages.

How to best map that? Draw additional 2 lines and 7 points and create one “big” relation?

Cut up the current paths (all is mapped already) and create a 2 relations that combines the exisiting paths to form the newly created paths and then join those with the 7 points into a super-relation?


At the most, I think there is one relation here, and it will be a route relation. I don’t think the boards will be part of that relation, but can be associated with it, by adding operator tags.

There isn’t enough information to be sure that even route relations are appropriate, but if they are, it would be advisable to ensure that they are signposted on the ground, as their verifiability may get challenged, otherwise.

An example of a route relation for something that sounds vaguely similar is

It is always acceptable to split a way if different parts of it have different attributes, and that includes being and not being in a relation.

Incidentally, I note that you are adding English changeset comments in Austria. Whilst it is good to see useful comments, there is no requirement that they be in English, and if you know German well, German would be more appropriate in that place.

I’ve done something like this with heritage & nature trails: example I can think of is It may be the notion could be supported by additional tags (to identify this is an information trail rather than a pure hiking one) but it’s fine for capturing the information.