Mapping in Rehovot and Ness-Ziona

Hi everyone,

I’ve discovered OSM about two weeks ago, following the purchase of my Garmin eTrex Legend and searching desperately for free maps of Israel. I think this is an amazing and exciting project.z

I have started to map the area inside and around Weizmann Institute of Science (where I live), as well as Ness-Ziona - both of these are very poorly mapped right now.

Thanks to all the people involved!


Hey Dimka,

nice that we have somebody starting in this area.
Its proven, that you can achive the best mapping, if you live in the area you do the mapping for.

I would be great if you keep us update in this discussion board for your mapping.

Have fun :slight_smile:


I may help you with Nes-Tsiona, and do a few parts of it…


Hi Yaad!

I am half way of mapping the Neve Hadar neighborhood. I have also uploaded several tracks in Lev Hamoshava, Savionei Nezer Sireni and Giv’at Nof neighborhoods, as well as Tirat Hashalom and Kfar Aharon, but didn’t have the time to map these yet.

So it would be great if you could start with some other neighborhood so that we can finish the whole city more quickly.
You are also welcome to review my changes so far, and add streets based on my tracks.

I plan to record tracks on a regular basis.



I am glad to announce that after some weeks of jogging and biking, the map of Ness Ziona, including the suburbs, is pretty complete. Hopefully I haven’t missed anything important.


Mazal Tov,

Great that we have this area mapped to detailed now.
Hope you will continue jogging and biking in Israel :slight_smile: