Mapping in greece?


I have a list of targets I want to map in greece, but the address details are all in greek characters, as would be expected, and i never seem to find anything. In some cases i happen to have an english-ified version, and sometimes that works. I have no idea how i can get from the greek to the english-y one!

I also fail to find anything by greek postcode either. ( i just have a number for that? )

Is this to do with how i’m searching, or is greece just not yet mapped this way?


Are the address details you want to add in Greek alphabet characters?

Greek forum:
Wikiproject Greece:

yes mostly they are. Is that a problem?

I don’t think I fully understand your problem. Are you talking about the search function on If yes, have you checked whether the places you are searching for are already in the map?

yes, thats right; So basically there’s places that exist under the english but not the greek version of the name.

I wondered if there was any way i could translate my names, i’ll have to look into that, perhaps bablefish will do the job.

You can add the names using the tag name:el. You could look up the places in Wikipedia to help you find their English names for searching.