Mapping in Forests


I am mapping in Sweden a lot. A thing I am having difficulty with are unpaved roads in forests. Roads that just give access to the forests. Are they mapped as unmaintained track roads or as unclassified roads? I see both ways of mapping and I am not sure which one to use.

Example is here:

This road is mapped as unclassified but in reality is just a small dirt road, not meant for traffic.


There is a lot of variation in the tagging of minor roads. If the only thing it gives access to is the forest around it, I’d personally map it as highway=track, with some appropriate tracktype=XXX tag, and leave highway=unclassified for minor roads that actually lead to some settlement.

i think most people uses the constructiin set. a road with a compacted surface is for me an unclassified highway. you can use the data of vägverket for your disicion. “enskild väg” are regularly maintained wintertimes.

but i agree that it is difficult to see the differences. same third level roads are still tagged as “track” …