Mapping historic areas with ruined buildings over an area


I’m a relative newbie, so please go easy on me! If my terminology isn’t quite right, please bear with me. I’m using iD.

I have the pleasure of living near an area of woodland that contains the ruins of a Gunpowder Works that made gunpowder from approx 1600-1916. It consists of buildings and ruins of buildings in various states from foundations only to complete buildings. The site is about 0.25m long. It’s here:

The purpose/function of all the buildings is known, so each has a name. So far I’ve defined an area around the site called Chilworth Gunpowder Works tagged as
name:Chilworth Gunpowder Works

I’ve then added outlines for the individual buildings which are tagged as historic site:
name:Steam Incorporating Mills

I don’t think I’ve got this quite right, because I should tag the ruined buildings as ruins and the complete building as building:yes.

What are your thoughts, and how should I handle this?

Help and correction gratefully received.

Different maps will show different things - if you look at you can see more of the historic objects than if you look at OSM’s standard layer.

That actually shows in preference to the woodland there now (which is a bug on that map). shows the values used with the “historic” key. Maybe “archaeological_site” is better for the big area than “ruins”?