Mapping Geneva: register of street names now available

Since today a register of street names is available for the town of Geneva at The register compares the street names in OSM with the information provided by the Système d’Information du Territoire Genevois of the Canton de Genève and lists the differences found.

I was quite surprised when I learned that OSM data covers just 65% of Geneva streets. When I mapped I had a hard time to find streets that were not yet in OSM.
I hope the register helps to fill the white parts on the map and to weed out errors. If anyone wants to work with me, drop me a mail.

More information on the register is on the WIKI at


The way this is setup its essentially an invitation to copy the information systematically out of google maps instead of locating the missing streets by foot (or other means). While probably not strictly illegal, it definitely is not good form.


Not everybody who lives in Geneva knows the 2930 street names and their location by heart. I think the link to Google maps is quite usefull to locate a street for survey by foot (or other means).


I quite agree with Simon, by providing a link to GoogleMaps you are certainly inviting abuse of Google’s license and the OSM license and/or contributor terms. The risk is that additional data entered for Geneva may be tainted by this action.

The best way to find missing streets is by detailed ground level survey: this is what makes OSM special and better than other maps. A missing street and street names where what got me involved in OSM: if the map is useful enough people will want to use it and some of them will then add to it. Then we all get a better map: it requires a bit of patience, but the end rewards are far higher than just having a copy of other maps.

Dont forget other tools can help:

Looking at the 2 lists (missing) (only on OSM)
I suppose that a lot of the differences are due to different spellings.

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