Mapping error


good afternoon. Could you help me with a little problem, please? I am working in two mapping projects: Okavango Park (Angola) and Tanzania FGM.

The Tanzania FGM is ok, but the Okavango project has some problems. All the new modifications, as river lines, were not saved…I mark the option ‘river’ but the computer sends me a shinning message 'Error: Line has no label".

So, all the points I marked, the central white lines, were lost.

I don’t know how to solv it.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


And we don’t know how to help you :frowning:

You did not tell us anything about your problem.

which program? which data? which objects? which tags? and many more questions.


Hi, it looks like you duplicated or maybe even triplicated the lines of several sections of river exactly one on top of the other. one way only was tagged as river the other’s were untagged. This made the rendering a bit messy and not as you would expect it to look.

This changeset deleted a lot of ways as a “cleanup of waterways” including your untagged ways. It looks like your properly tagged ways are OK. The error message was probably referring to the untagged sections of way.