Mapping Beit Alfa area and maybe more


I found out few problems in the area, and I want to ask questions and maybe help in fixing and mapping.

  1. I have asus A696 with gps and wifi, mobile 6.
    but when I am outside mapping, it is with no wifi. at home with wifi but no gps.
    what application should I use in order to update the osm easily ??

I want to put all the internal roads, can I put width of road to differ between internal and very thin ?
How do I define gates just for people leave inside a specific road i.e. no car entrance ?

if it will be easy, we can do other places in the area, just say so.

  1. why beit alfa is defined as village and not as kibutz ?
    is there such definition as kibutz.

  2. is there a way to define differently secondary road (inside the kibutz) and a non paved way (dust way) ?
    I ask because the navigator suggest me to go in a road not used for 20 years, became a dust road, and it goes out near shata jail.
    I think if it defined as dust road, the navigator wouldn’t use it.
    you can see it in the map of beit alfa, it goes through kibutz hefziba, out to the pools, around them and to the jail where they blocked it. all the way near the pools are kurkar and ruin.
    so tell me how to fix, I will check exactly where it become unused for private vehicles.

  3. there is a tag of beit alfa in hebrew, it is wrong. only the english tag is correct.
    the hebrew tag was put on a road path between the kibutzim. a shared road, that is why it calls “hayedidut”.
    Can you delete it or move it to the right place ? can I do it ?

End for now :slight_smile:

  1. In general, streets should be tagged as “highway=residential”. If they are very narrow (snd traffic is snow) or they have dead ends, then “highway=service” is OK. There is also “highway=living_street” which might be appropriate. If there is no pavement, then “highway=track” is good.
    See a complete list at
    For gates that do not allow vehicles, I think “barrier=gate”, “access=yes”, “vehicle=no” all together is good.

  2. OSM wiki defines village as “A settlement with between 1,000 and 10,000 inhabitants.” so most kibbutzim would qualify. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad idea to make a new “kibbutz” (and “moshav”) tag.

  3. An unpaved way should be “highway=track”.
    Some navigator programs might use this for navigation.
    If it’s really impassable, you can add access=no.

  4. You can fix it :slight_smile:
    If there are extra attributes, like translations into other languages, make sure all tags are present on the single remaning one.

I have tried to deal with problem 4.

the point should be deleted.
beit alfa and hefziba have area and also define as vilage with the name.
The point I mentioned is on a cross of 2 roads.
when I tried to delete it, it delete the east road.
I have tried few times.
so please, someone who know how to get rid from the “place” someone put there, in the middle between the villages, please do so.

I will add later places in the villages.
just please remove this wrong irremovable place.

I just moved the Beit Alfa tag off the road intersection.

(Technically, I copied the tag to a new tag which is not part of the road, and deleted the information from the old tag)

Many thanks.

even you explain, I don’t understand exactly what you meant by deleted the information, but I assume I will learn more later, after learning more about edit and tagging.

I deleted the tag completely, cause it was not necessary at all.
the villages are already marked perfectly, and that tag was just meyutar and in the wrong place anyway.

Now I need to learn more, cause I want to upload recordings from the GPS, so I am going to study in youtube and wiki more :slight_smile: