Mapping areas with many purposes (and green in towns)

I’ve run into a problem with mapping some areas used by pedestrians and vehicles altogether. There are a few “types” of those areas:

  1. usually covered with gravel; unused most of the time - when used, being a market or a parking; pedestrians can walk on it
  2. usually covered with gravel; used as a maneouvering area for vehicles, usually near some industrial or commercial compound or garages

The closest I could find was “brownfield”, but the “scheduled for development” part doesn’t match. If anyone can point me to a name that’s listed in map features or is unlisted, but elegant, I’ll use it. Currently, I was using “parking” for the 1st and “highway”=“service” + “area”=“yes” for the second.

Another question is about small areas of half-cultivated grass, bushes and trees in towns. I couldn’t find anything matching it closely. It’s near “natural”=“scrub”, but it’s considered to be a park, being inside a town.


  1. highway=pedestrian + area=yes + amenity=parking + surface=gravel
  2. highway=service + area=yes + surface=gravel

Thanks. Being used to OSM, I frequently forget which values correspond to which tags (therefore didn’t think of “pedestrian + parking” thingy).
For the other one, I’ll be using natural=scrub or whatever they might be using mapping nearby towns.

remember that simple tags can’t capure everything, sometimes you just have to write down in clear text what it is you are seeing.