Mapping and tagging cycleways

I belong to a cyclists association in Milan, Italy and I started to map cycleways in the city and around it.

I read the wiki and some post about the general rules that apply when tagging but I have still many questions.

  1. Roads and streets in town usually have a pavement. Many cycleways are on pavements here in Milan. Usually a part of the pavement is for bikes and the other one for pedestrians.
    I didn’t find any indications in the wiki about tags to mark a road that has a pavement. Often here in Milan cycleways are on the pavement but they’re not visible from the road because in between there are cars parked:

_______ street

\ \ \ \ \ cars parked

_______ pavement with cycleway and part for pedestrians

Should I trace a new track or tag the existing road?

  1. a road can be tagged with more than one “highway” tag? I mean a road that is already tagged as tertiary can be tagged as highway=cycleway too?

  2. sometimes cycleways (opposite track) go from one side of the road to the other through a zebra crossing. How should I tag this?

Thank you

I would tag that using a highway=[streettype] for the street and one highway=cycleway for the cycleway (+ maybe foot=yes). The car parking can be mapped using both ways and combining them into a closed area and add amenity=parking to that area.


Use cycleway=opposite then add a crossing= tag + bicycle=yes on the crossing node and cycleway=track for the normal situation.

That would be a very hard work. Almost every street in this city has cars parked on the borders of the road.
You can see what I’m talking about here:,10.877795&sspn=0.014253,0.03828&g=lano&ie=UTF8&ll=45.461064,9.15983&spn=0.006893,0.01914&z=16&layer=c&cbll=45.460996,9.159904&panoid=W8TpdJ5Qmhf5q4SsxIGEnw&cbp=12,152.1351098107605,0,5.908071748878924


Maybe another option is to just draw two ways and add parking=yes to the way where cars are allowed…

I think it should be the other way around: In principle parking on streets is permitted unless forbidden. The best approach would be to add parking=no to a road or parking=paid when there are paid places available. Also opens the option of day_of_week etc.