Mapping and Music

Just to start a less serious topic: what music goes well with mapping?

My first suggestion, from U2: “Where the streets have no names” :wink:

Do you have other suggestions?

AC/DC - Highway to Hell :wink:

Railway related songs

There is a Dutch performer, Guus Meeuwis, who wrote a song called “Per spoor (Kedeng kedeng)”, where ‘per spoor’ means ‘by train’. It was a number 1 hit for four weeks.

I would suggest Queen, first “Bicycle race” followed by “We are the Champions” :wink:

If mapping some major highways… “Radar Love” by Golden Earing…

Radar guns love me… :frowning:

(speed traps)

Another suggestion, railway oriented, for french speaking mappers:
“Un T.E.R. minable” from Gérald Genty (T.E.R is “Train Express Regional” but the song playing with words. The title sounds like “interminable” = endless)

Maps & Legends by REM:

The map that you painted didn’t seem real.
He just sings whatever he’s seen
Point to the legend, point to the east,
Point to the yellow, red and green

Maybe he’s caught in the legend,
maybe he’s caught in the mood.
Maybe these maps and legends
have been misunderstood, been misunderstood.

road to hell, chris rea

the long and winding road, beatles

seven bridges road, eagles

Try “On the road again” by Canned Heat

I’d agree with ligfietser - I’ve often thought of Maps and Legends as the ideal OSM song. It’s a great song, too.