Mapping a turn across the oposing lane of dual carriageway

I have UK case where a right turn from a dual carriageway to a side road is allowed, crossing the oposing carriageway to do so. This is the only route allowed using that gap. You can’t do a U turn. You can’t turn right on to the dual carriageway using the gap.

I have added the new way as id:37349994, with an only_right_turn restriction relationship. (It is on the A10 in Enfield, North London, UK)

On the ground, you do fork into a new offside lane then do a sharp turn across the oposing lane into the side road, so the geometry I have drawn matches reality. However, I have not been able to locate an existing example, so my question to those who understand these things is have I mapped this in a repectable way ?

Alternatives would be to have a single segment cutting diagonally across to the end of the side road rather than two with a turn. Or to extend the ‘from’ section to include part of the A10 prior to the new lane to match the likely point a driver would start to consider the turn.

The rule is to map reality and let renderers and routers catch up, so this looks to be appropriate, but any advice would be appreciated.

(If I knew how to post a screenshot, I would.)

Make a way from the left side to the side road across the right side. Don’t connect this way to the right side to the motorway and add oneway=yes to it.
At least this is how I did it and it seems to work okay.