Mapping a new city


I will soon be spending one month in Pasto, Colombia. As you can see, this city of about 400,000 inhabitants is almost unmapped…

I have only recently started gathering GPS tracks with my T-Mobile G1 in The Netherlands, and I was wondering if there was anything I could/should do before actually gathering GPS data in Pasto. What’s the usual way to start mapping a new city, can you contact the city hall to ask if they have copyright-free data, or do you contact the cadastre to see if there is data that could be imported?

I’d be pretty disappointed if I spent huge amounts of time starting mapping if there was an easier way (as an import) to get started. I’ll gather data anyways, as this is independent from the actual mapping process.

Could more experienced mappers give me some advice?


FYI, I just found the WikiProject Colombia wiki page, containing Colombia-specific information.