mapping a big green field


when i use landuse greenfield it’s turn into water?? on my Garmin Oregon 550


Are you sure greenfield is really what you want ?

“landuse=greenfield” means it was some agricultural land that is now destined for development, i.e. houses or industrial/commercial buildings are about to be build on this site.
If the land is still used agriculturally it would be landuse=farmland or landuse=pasture.

If it really is a greenfield it depends on the maker of the Garmin-Map how landuse greenfield is mapped onto a Garmin mapfeature. Then you would need to add or edit the TYP-file to change the way the Garmin unit displays this feature.

Where did you get the Garmin map from?

Micha H.

homemade map :slight_smile: gonna try use landuse=pasture, its a field whit cows