Mappers who are also in Nebraska?

I asked on another page about any other mappers in Nebraska, I was informed to look on my dashboard. I did that and a few showed up most joined in 2010, but most have never done any edits. I looked at the official state groups on OSM, and none for Nebraska have been created.
I would really like to connect with other mappers in Nebraska. If there are any here please get ahold of me. Thanks


Try on the OpenStreetMap US Slack.

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All Mappers see at Overview of OpenStreetMap Contributors @ (only Zoom 11 and more)

The latest Mapper (7 days) you can see at

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As a person whose folks are from Nebraska, I appreciate you @earthshaker77 .

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I was eventually going to get around to making a Nebraska/Railroads wiki, as progress to make these statewide “TIGER Rail Review cleanup” wikis has been “chugging eastward” (I’m in California) for about a decade, and our United States/Railroads - OpenStreetMap Wiki suggests that “next up” good candidates for these wikis are Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska (/Railroads).

These aren’t difficult, but they can be tedious: copy a “seed” template (wiki) from another state, modify it to suit Nebraska’s rail (from TIGER data, perhaps from a state-published rail plan from their DOT…) and you are off and running. The USA has more than half of our fifty states with a /Railroads wiki in OSM, though some of them are “stubby.” We bit off a LOT of rail with the TIGER imports (of 2007-8) and it doesn’t necessarily need to be wiki-fied (but that really does help), though it certainly does need to be TIGER Reviewed. A “divide and conquer” approach (state-by-state) has been working for the last decade, I’d say we’ve got about another decade to go to have really nice, clean well-reviewed USA rail.

Nebraska/Railroads as a WikiProject, anybody? I’d be happy to consult, but as I’ve done maybe 20 of these, I’d like someone else to take the lead (please). TIGER Rail Review cleanup is actually a pretty neat way to build OSM (local, statewide) community. Look at more “statewide” wiki for additional ideas, this kind of stuff actually works pretty well to build the map and build sub-communities.

@earthshaker77, you might also want to take a look at Nearby users - OpenStreetMap Wiki which has some resources to find other OSM Contributors in a specified geographic area. This might put you in touch with others with whom you can build local community.