Mapper thingy idea.

Hi all. I am a 6th form student in the UK. For my A2 computing project I had the idea of a program which downloads a bit of map and allows the user to upload their GPS trace onto the downloaded map. The program could build up over time a picture of distance travelled and could be useful for cyclists. Does anyone know whether this is a reasonable project to do and if so a general idea of how to get the bits of map???

What kind of map would they download
What do you mean by download
would this be an onlne application
how is it different from uploading a track to OSM

I know next to nothing about UK school system so I don’t know what level you are on. This stuff can be kind of tricky, but there are lots of ready to use parts out there that you can use to do what you want:

  1. download map pictures (tiles from OSM perhaps)
  2. convert lat/lon coordinates to map picture pixels (Mercator projection, lots of easy examples)
  3. calculate distances between lat/lon coordinates (Great circle distance is enough)

Just make something that looks nice and don’t try to make it perfect, the earth and maps of it seldom is.