mapnik style for osmarender

I am new to osmarender and openstreetmap. After some trying I got a svg-file from my town with or/p.
I used the style osm-map-features-z16.xml, but I like the one on the main page of better (mapnik-style).
Is there a style available to generate this one with osmarender?
Mapnik seems to need very much memory (I have 4gb)

I have no hint about a special osmarender-style that looks like mapnik, but you can try Merkaartor or Maperitive (search in OSM wiki to find further info) that can produce svg files that maybe look similar to the known mapnik style.

Tell us about success or failure if you want.

WHen you need OSM maps as vector graphic files you should also have a look at and

Thanks, stephan75,
I will give those a try, and let know how it goes.