Mapnik - shapeFile - I need some clarification

I use these files to generate tiles, but I don’t know exactly what they are. I know they are shapeFile, but I can’t tell the difference between them.

world_boundaries-spherical.tgz (53 MB) = The shoreline are not included in the world_boundaries
processed_p.tar.bz2 (410 MB) = ???
shoreline_300.tar.bz2 (46 MB) = The shoreline are not included in the world_boundaries (1.5 MB) = ??? (38 KB) = what is the difference with world_boundaries


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There’s a little bit more info about this on the ‘Coastline’ wiki page

processed_p.tar.bz2 is detailed coastline, updated reasonably regularly with OSM edits. shoreline_300.tar.bz2 less detailed (for a lower zoom view of the world’s coastlines)

I believe the other files are all also providing data for low zoom rendering. The “ne” prefix standard for Natural Earth (a provider of low zoom data in the public domain)

“populated places” means city locations at low zoom (not sure if its just point locations or low zoom outlines) “Boundaries” means the inland boundaries between countries, shown as purple dotty lines. I’m not sure why need two different files for those. I imagine maybe world_boundaries-spherical is from OSM data for rendering medium zooms.